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Phi Eta Parent’s Weekend Tradition 

There is nothing we love more than opening our doors to our parents and families to make them feel welcome at our home away from home. Every year, we plan a Moms, Dads, and/or Parent’sWeekend designed to keep our families involved with our lives at Texas Tech and Phi Eta. It gives everyone a chance to meet and interact and have a better understanding of why we love our chapter as much as we do.

Parent’s Weekend 2016

This year’s Parent’s Weekend was an absolute blast! It took place in April. We hosted our parents for a BBQ lunch at our lodge! Our parents got the opportunity to see the blueprints for our new lodge layout and even shop for some letitbeead jewelry, courtesy of our entrepreneur sister Kate Latham! After this cookout, most our parent’s and deltas attended the Red Raider baseball game to show some school spirit and Tri Delta support! That next morning, we hosted a brunch at the Lubbock Country Club and ended the weekend with even more delicious food. It was definitely one for the books! Thanks to all the parents for attending!! 

Past Parent’s Weekends:

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Last year’s Moms’ and Dads’ Weekends were combined for a ‘Parents Weekend’ which took place February 27 – March 1 (despite the icy forecast!). We hosted a dinner at the Lubbock Country Club and presented our new members on Saturday evening. Sunday, we opened the doors of our lodge to give our parents a tour, but we didn’t forget an important component – food. Fruit trays and refreshments were served during the come-and-go event and we enjoyed getting to show our parents around #13 Greek Circle!

Take a look at our 2015 Parents’ Weekend Photo Album! 

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DDDmomsIn 2014, we took our Moms to Painting With a Twist and explored our creative sides! As it turns out, not all of us inherited the most Picasso-like genes, but we definitely enjoyed pretending to be artists for the day! Every year we try to include at least one activity that takes place at our lodge so our parents have the chance to see where we spend a lot of our time. So, to top off our weekend, we finished with a delicious breakfast at the lodge hosted in our chapter room!

dadsweekend14We tested our athleticism at Whitewood Lanes for our Delta Dad’s Weekend, and take it from us, the PBA is missing out. After a day in the life of future bowling pros, we filled our stomachs with a fajita buffet-style dinner at Ruby Tequilas! (YUM)

Dear Mom and Dad, 

We know sending your daughter off to college can be tough to do. 

You may be overwhelmed with concern, emotion, and the simple realization 

that your little girl is growing up and becoming the beautiful young woman you have raised her to be.

Here at Delta Delta Delta, we promise to make that transition as easy as possible.

Your daughter will be valued, encouraged, and loved for who she is. 

She will find her life-long best friends, bridesmaids, and future roommates.

She will always have sisters to lean on, best friends to laugh with, and shoulders to cry on 

throughout the many life lessons her college years will bring. She will gain an incredible support system 

within her new Tri Delta sisters and alumnae advisors who will soon become some of the most important people in her life. 

We assure you, your little girl will experience the best 4 years of her life here in Lubbock 

with over 200 inspiring young women by her side!

We hope this gives you a little peace of mind ♥♥♥

If your daughter is already a lady of Delta Delta Delta, we thank you for sharing this special person with us!                              If your daughter is a Potential New Tri Delta, we hope she finds her forever home away from home with us!

Please explore our site, and contact us with any questions or concerns! 

Delta Love, 

The Phi Eta Chapter at Texas Tech University