The women of Tri Delta are brought together for many reasons, but what keeps us in place is each other. We lean on our sisters through good times and bad, and we know we will always have a support system that can weather any storm.

Each school year, we have several ‘Deltas Only’ events and other sisterhood events and traditions meant to remind us why we became Tri Deltas. Our chapter takes pride in that we all have friends in each pledge class, which helps create unity despite differences in age or experience, and these events give our chapter the opportunity to interact with each other as a whole.

 D e l t a s  O n l y  E v e n t s: 

C h a p t e r  Y o g a 




Pumpkin Painting

Cookie Decorating

Chapter Movies

& More! 

Some of our other Sisterhood Events include…

B i g / L i t t l e  R e v e a l


I n i t i a t i o n


Chapter Dinners & More!